The DIWEAVE company is presenting the Tronsmart Halo 200 Dual-Mic Version Karaoke Speaker, which reproduces the excellent sound, which can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding music lovers. You will be able to surprise your guests with the presence of a three-way system, which allows you to create a large sound stage without distortion. Two wireless microphones and the ability to connect a guitar significantly expand the horizons of application.

The speaker's 120W power provides a sound volume that can attract the attention of your neighbors. If you want louder, you can connect more than 100 speakers to each other using TuneConn technology. Or you can pair two speakers via TWS for flawless sound. A large battery allows you to play sound for 18 hours, which will be enough even for long-time parties.

One of the distinctive features of the Halo 200 can be called five lighting modes, so both sound and bright light will attract attention. A simple setup will help you quickly create lighting effects for dynamic music or relaxing slow dances. In the Tronsmart Application, on your smartphone, you can personalize the lighting effects and the equalizer to your taste.

Tronsmart Halo 200 Dual-Mic Version is available for orders with a recommended retail price of UAH 9999.